New Responsive Design for Bangs Labs, Built on Drupal

We recently completed work on a new responsive design for Indianapolis-based Bangs Laboratories, Inc.

Creating a responsive design for this site was challenging, due to the amount of technical product information. Much of that information is contained in large tables, which tend to break layouts on small devices. We found a way to allow our client to keep nearly all the tabular data, and show it all within a 320x480 pixel screen.

When making a responsive design, one decision that we face at every turn is whether to hide anything on small devices. The goal is to provide as much information on the smallest device as we do on the desktop version of the site. In a perfect world, we try to maintain all of the content, while scaling down the design and elimintaing some of the superfluous styles.

Bangs has been a client of Ars Nova since 1998. We built on Drupal, using Zen 5.