iTools CAD Library

Today, we launched a new CAD library for ClarkDietrich Building Systems. The library runs in iTools, a responsive site built to house CD's various tools for contractors and architects.

Drupal and AJAX—A Great Combination

The CAD library is powered by an AJAX frontend and a Drupal backend. This means that our client can use a familiar interface (Drupal) to manage the library.

In addition to the CAD library, we also launched the Spanish version of iTools today. We collaborated with CD's in-house developers for the multilingual portions of the site.

Ongoing Positive Industry Feedback

Our relationship with ClarkDietrich began more than seven years ago, and it has led to some great projects. We take great pride in being a part of CD's ongoing success in the digital realm—success that leads to feedback like this, from a ClarkDietrich customer:

Thank you. This is one of the best industrial web sites for buildings. Perfect work. Very well organized, presented and fast. I found all products I was looking for it in 2-3 min.

All the best. Keep going.